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New deworming agent shows promise

The search for new deworming agents in the face of growing chemical resistance has researchers looking to the supermarket produce aisle: A preliminary study from England suggests that fruits such as pineapple, papaya and figs may be useful in

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What to expect as your horse grows old

To keep your horse healthy and comfortable as the years pass, focus on the five areas of equine health most affected by aging.

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In search of the Cuban Paso Fino

After 20 years of chasing scant evidence, a determined woman finally gains access to one of Cuba’s best-kept secrets.

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Shopping for an immersion heater

• Purchase: Immersion heater • Considerations: When buying a portable immersion heater for troughs or buckets, safety is your overriding concern. Size is also important; get the...

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First aid for a large laceration

When you find your horse with a large, bleeding wound, summon help and then take steps to lay the groundwork for healing.

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Some small sarcoids go away on their own

A recent Swiss study suggests that a “wait and see” approach may be justified for younger horses with small, stable sarcoids because a large percentage of the tumors spontaneously regress without treatment.

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How to Back Up Your Horse

My horse wont back up! Charles Wilhelm shows how to teach your horse how to back up.

Equine Vital Signs and How to Take Them

This video will explain equine vital signs, how to take them safely, what the ranges should be for each and much more!

Zoetis Introduces Domosedan Gel

Learn more about this safe, effective sedative for horses from Zoetis.

Ovation From Head To Toe

Ovation riding apparel and equipment is developed for the rider who is looking for gear that is highly technical as well as attractive. From boots and breeches to shirts,...

Professional's Choice SMB Elite Medicine Boot

The SMB Elite Sports Medicine Boot and the Ballistic Overreach Boot are a perfect combination for horse safety. examines both.

Jochen Schleese Saddle Fitting Tip - Dynamic Saddle Fit Evaluation tells the whole story!

Schleese Saddlery will describe exactly "What Happens in a Schleese Saddlery Saddle Fit Session" to prepare you for your personal saddle fit evaluation.

What Happens When a Horse Is Vaccinated

Find out what happens when a horse is vaccinated with an equine veterinarian.

Jochen Schleese Saddle Fitting Tip 6 - Saddle Length

A horse's shoulder and loin area should never carry any weight of a rider. Rider weight should be carried on the saddle support area only and never extending past the...

Types of Snaffle Bits with Charles Wilhelm

Not sure what bit to use? Charles walks you through the type of snaffle bits by explaining the different functions based on style, diameter, and metal.

Webinar: EPM from a Clinician's Perspective

Event examines the disease from a clinician's perspective.

Saddle Fitting Tip: Thank You to Our Amazing Clients and their Horses

93 yr. old Elsa Mikkelson's riding video testimonial of her experience with Schleese.

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