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Horse articles featuring health care, riding and training from EQUUS, Dressage Today, Practical Horseman, Horse&Rider, The Trail Rider, Horse Journal, American Cowboy, Spin to Win Rodeo, Stable Management, and EquiManagement.

When I Was a Horse-Crazy Kid, I…

You share your favorite childhood memory of riding and horsing around.

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Thinking About Johnny

There’s a certain kind of heartache only another horse lover can understand.

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How to Maximize Rides When You Have Minimal Time

Time seems to be a constant concern, at least in our current world, and most of us seem to be without enough of it. Life has a way of getting in the way of riding, and that is frustrating. Riding better is related to practice and number of hours in

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Should This Senior Mare Be Bred?

An owner wonders if her 19-year-old Morgan is too old to become a broodmare.

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Dressage Solutions: Stabilize Your Hand Position

Imagine that you are holding a coffee mug with two handles and direct your horse’s energy through those handles. Holding the mug helps your hands stay a reasonable distance from one another and work as a unit with your thumbs up. Be sure that you

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10 Tips for Traveling Solo With Your Horse

A few simple measures can help you head off trouble and give you peace of mind.

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Video: Tim McQuay at the Kentucky Reining Cup

We caught up with Tim McQuay at the 2013 Kentucky Reining Cup.

Webinar: The 5-Day Show-Grooming Plan from Professional Equine Grooms Founder Liv Gude

During the hour-long presentation, Liv will discuss everything you need to know about preparing your horse for competition.

How to tie a Clinician Halter

The Professional's Choice team shows you the benefits of using a clinician halter in groundwork training and how to correctly tie the halter to maximaize effectiveness.

How To Perform a Tack Safety Check of a Horse

Produced by the Certified Horsemanship Association, in this short video you'll learn what parts of the saddle and bridle to check for wear and tear as well as how to...

Michele McLeod at NFR

Learn more about McLeod's 2014 barrel racing plan and her top two horses in this H&R interview.

Weaver Leather Miracle Collar takes a look at Weaver Leather's Miracle Collar. Learn how this great product can curb your horse's cribbing habit.

Weaver Leather Smart Cinch examines Smart Cinches developed by Weaver Leather.

Webinar: Gymnastics To Solve Common Jumping Problems

This free webinar with eventing legend Jim Wofford and upper-level rider Sharon White will teach you exercises to solve the most common (and frustrating) jumping...

Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots

Help your horse be more comfortable on the road. See how the Soft-Ride Comfort Boot from Soft-Ride works!

Webinar: Equine First Aid: How to Handle Common Emergencies

Watch this webinar on equine first aid presented by Jeff Hall, DVM, Equine Technical Services, Zoetis.

Training the Therapy Horse

Not every horse is cut out to be a therapy horse. Charles and SonRise Equestrian Foundation executive director Alana Koski discuss key aspects of training a therapy horse...

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