Jenni Smith's Journey to The Tevis Cup

Tevis 2014 Slideshow!

Here's a slideshow of my ride at Tevis 2014. It's a Google+ link, click on the first picture and then select "Slideshow" from above to get it into full-screen mode.  There are embedded videos that spice it up a bit.

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Tevis 2014 Video

Leigh Bacco - on Kevin's crew and an awesome help to me during the race - posted this video to Facebook.  Stoner and I crossing the finish line at :40 made me kind of choke up.  That sure was fun.

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Thoughts on Tevis 2014

Rather than share a blow-by-blow account of the ride, which I've done a couple times before, I thought I’d do a pithy (yeah, right :)) list of key memories and learnings from Tevis 2014; The weather was remarkable – mild and

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That Was Fun

It was pitch black in the trees.  As we sped along the trail, it would wind back out into the open and the moon would turn the world into a ghostly land of shadows and shapes.  I wasn’t sure, but I thought we were getting

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Headed up the Hill

After spending hours and hours packing (I think perhaps I'm a little OCD in this area), I'm about to leave to head up the hill.  My brand new MINI is packed to the gills. this vehicle is not really Tevis-rated Meeting Jenn at the Auburn

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