Saddle and Strength

Favorite Back Lifts

Back is one of my personal favorite muscle groups to work, and seeing muscular development and progress in that area has been exciting over the years I have been lifting. It has also been encouraging to see just how much that aspect of training

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Deadlifts and the Unconventional

Barbell deadlifts have become one of my absolute favorite exercises. That seems to be the consensus among powerlifters in general. I’ve noticed that at powerlifting meets, everyone seems to eagerly await the time to deadlift the most. The

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The Barbell Squat for Riders

Ah, the squat. I have a love/hate relationship with these. Often called the “king” of all compound/leg exercises, I have found them to be one of my greatest challenges in lifting, but also greatly beneficial to riding. They are even

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Beginner Tips for the Equestrian's First Trip to the Gym

What pops into your head when you think of powerlifting? Or bodybuilding? How about the gym in general? Playing with reverse-banded deadlifts Is it big, burly men picking up bent barbells, and guys with arms as big around as

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Introduction: Saddle and Strength

Welcome, friends! You may remember me if you followed my first blog here on EquiSearch, “The Campus Equestrian.” My time to graduate college has come and passed this spring, so I began to brainstorm new ideas of how to bring fresh,

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