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  • How to Put Polo Wraps and Standing Wraps on Horses
  • How to Properly Fit and Adjust a Snaffle Bit
  • Types of Snaffle Bits with Charles Wilhelm
  • Equine Vital Signs and How to Take Them
  • Fitting a Rope Halter on a Horse by the Certified Horsemanship Association
  • Stirrup Driving Your Young Horse
  • How to Safely Adjust Stirrups and Girth While Mounted in English Tack
  • Does your horse have bucking problems?
  • How to Put Energy in the Lazy Horse
  • Preparing for Trail Obstacles
  • Charles Wilhelm Demonstrates the Benefits of Lunging Over Poles

Jochen Schleese Saddle Fitting Tip - “As long as my saddle fits my horse” – Saddle Fit to Rider – 3 Factors for Consideration

“I don’t care if I’m not comfortable in the saddle; the main thing is it fits the horse.”  I’m sure many saddle fitters and sales people have heard this statement...

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Sentinel Horse Feeds: Sharon White Testimonial

Sharon White, 4-star international eventer, has seen a real difference in the condition and performance of her horses since she started feeding Sentinel LS nearly a decade ago.

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Sentinel Horse Feeds: Extrusion

Sentinel® horse feeds are specially made through a process called extrusion, which creates highly digestible nuggets designed to optimize nutrient absorbtion. Extruded feeds are designed for...

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Jochen Schleese Saddle Fitting Tip: Treed vs. Treeless? Just the Facts.

It is much easier (less time and expense) from a craftsman’s point of view as a saddler to build a treeless saddle than to build a treed saddle.  However as a rider, Certified Master...

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Stories of Greatness: Michele McLeod, Barrel Racing

Top barrel racer and Purina Ambassador Michele McLeod is featured in the third Stories of Greatness installment.

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Clydesdales help Purina deliver surprise to horse shelter in need

On November 5, 2016, Purina surprised Far View horse rescue shelter in Colorado with a special delivery for their horses. It’s all part of how Purina shares greatness. Purina is proud to be

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